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The cellular communications industry has undergone a technological revolution over the past decade and continues to develop at a rapid pace. The speed of change in this industry poses serious challenges: technologies and equipment need to be continually updated. Competition is fierce, and prices and service concepts must keep up with market needs.

In this environment, a well planned and integrated supply chain is key to success. Cellular companies must effectively forecast and plan their needs in equipment, infrastructure, maintenance, marketing support, customer service, and all must all be properly integrated into the supply chain.

In the area of marketing and sales, companies must deal with a short lifespan of products, promotions, new product launches, new technologies, special projects and more.

C&Gs professional capabilities help clients create:
  • Weighted forecasts based on all factors, including promotions and special projects
  • Organizational supply strategy (central warehouse, network, suppliers)
  • Purchasing plan
  • Distribution plan to sales points
  • Measurement and control system
In the area of maintenance, research proves that a major factor in customer satisfaction is the quality and reliability of equipment. Faulty equipment causes loss of income and can drive customers to the competition. Here the challenge is to plan a supply chain that ensures maximum availability of parts as well as the ability to repair equipment quickly, in order to minimize down time for the customer. This, with a rapidly expanding install base, huge number of parts, wide geographical spread and the need to manage different degrees of repairs.

C&G help cellular communications companies to to:
  • Plan and build logistic networks
  • Establish policy for supply and parts management
  • Build model for support throughout the lifespan of the product
  • Integrate marketing and maintenance forecasts
  • Establish strategy for reducing repair costs
  • Build distribution plan for product and parts throughout the supply chain
  • Create purchase plan for parts

In the area of infrastructure, companies face continuous technological changes and the need to service and upgrade engineering systems as these technologies become obsolete.

Here C&G helps clients to:
  • Plan logistics networks to streamline installation and maintenance
  • Support stocks for maintaining network
  • Plan stocks for installing/upgrading equipment
  • Planning shift to new technologies
  • Purchase plan
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