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The medical devices industry is undergoing rapid development, with new technological breakthroughs changing the face of the industry every few years. As competition increases, industry players are continually seeking new ways to gain advantage. Supply chain management has been identified by industry leaders as a key element in improving market position and driving enterprise performance.

The combination of technological complexity and expected long-term serviceability of products presents special challenges. There is an ongoing need to:
  • Improve supply chain synchronization to support new technologies and products
  • Reduce costs of materials, shipping and handling, production
  • Shorten lead timeto customers
  • Offer on time response to service demand

C&G provides effective, industry-tailored solutions that:
  • Capture, synchronize and prioritize all demands (volume production, spare parts, repairs, NCM investigation, experiments, R&D) into an integrated production and deliveries plan
  • Streamline and shorten planning and logistics transition from NPI stage to volume production
  • Implement safety stock level material systems into the production line and along the supply chain
  • Consolidate shipments and suit shipment types to delivery performance
  • Enhance communications with production and other organizational functions, such as fulfillment, service and finance
  • Establish comprehensive planning and logistic processes
  • Realize an overall logistic process for handling and salvaging NCMs (Non Conforming Material)
  • Improve material, production and deliveries performance visibility
  • Develop and implement a customized inventory reduction program
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