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Pharmaceuticals - Clinical Supply

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly engaged in innovation, investing significant efforts in developing new medications to improve health and save lives. The clinical trial stage is critical to the development of new products. The complexity of protocols and clinical research methodologies create special challenges to the supply chain in planning, production and distribution during the entire life of the trial.

In fact, a specific supply chain must be created for each trial. This includes: creating a logistical network, planning equipment and raw material needs, packaging and labeling, managing clinical specimens, supporting all randomization methods, managing serial stock, shipment to depot and sites, replenishment to depot and sites, achieving full traceability and transparency through the clinical supply chain, and integrating interactive voice (IVRS) and web response services to support all stages of the trial.

C&G provides effective, industry-tailored solutions to these challenges:
  • Analysis and definition of required work procedures and control mechanisms throughout the supply chain
  • Analysis of support technologies required for trial
  • Designthe supply network for theclinical trial
  • Planning of supply chain
  • Clinical supply management and control
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