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C&Gs professional know-how and experience in planning can make all the difference in successful outsourcing. Our experts can help clients by creating and managing their planning function, through partial or full outsourcing. Our advanced tools for management, analysis and control of the planning process ensure that clients enjoy maximum benefits from these procedures.

C&G outsourced services include finding the right professionals and placing them within the organization to manage and operate the planning process. In addition, C&G provides planning support services to streamline work processes, including application of advanced tools, management of measurement and control, professional training and more. Throughout this process C&G ensures full integration of the supply chain including the various organizational units, suppliers and clients.

Top 10 Demand Planning Strategies

an article by David Blanchard | IndustryWeek Oct. 8, 2008

Demand planners are kind of like weather forecasters -- they rarely get credit for doing their job correctly, and they're only noticed when they get it wrong. Nevertheless, it's vitally important that they get it right, or else severe -- and potentially disastrous -- supply chain glitches can occur.... Read more

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