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SC Collaboration

With traditional supply chains evolving into global supply networks, close collaboration between an organization and its suppliers has become increasingly critical.

C&G has a deep understanding of supply chain business collaboration and specific experience in implementing multiple supplier collaboration processes for clients, including:
  • Purchase orders: when replenishment is based on standard PurchaseOrders issues by the customer
  • Release Process: when replenishment is triggered by customer releases from long term scheduling agreements
  • Supplier Managed Inventory Process: when suppliers are responsible for themonitoring and replenishment of stocks at the customers location
  • Dynamic Replenishment: where both supplier and customer can get a mid-to-long-term awareness of deviations in supply and demand, and take appropriate action early to avoid delayed shipments or over production situations.
  • Kanban: allows customers to send out KANBAN replenishment signalsto suppliers
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