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C&G Consulting SC Re-engineering

SC Re-engineering

C&G understands that to achieve excellence, companies must ensure excellent process and procedures throughout the supply chain. Identification and implementation of integrated processes, created with an understanding of the needs of the entire organization, will ensure maximum synchronization between all parts of the supply chain. This will allow optimum transparency, measurement, control and analysis, creating an organization of operational excellence.

C&G specializes in "Reengineering" the supply chain, with an eye to the overall needs of the company. This often includes integration and coordination of procedures at different links in the chain, which directly affect the performance of the supply chain.

Reengineering can have wide implications, encompassing the creation of a more supportive organizational structure, improved work methods, internal and external interface, information transparency, improvement in control and measurement and more. All this is in coordination with the client's IT systems, and includes C&G defining needs, and supporting the development and implementation stages.

C&G Reengineering utilizes a unique, proprietary methodology, based on focused expertise and hands-on experience in a broad spectrum of industries.
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