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C&G Unique Solutions Strategic Network Optimization (SNO)

Strategic Network Optimization (SNO)

If supply planning is concerned with the best way of meeting demand with existing resources, network planning determines the type and quantity of resources that need to be in place. In supply planning, we are concerned about which product to make, when to make it, how to ship it, and where to store it. In network planning, we examine warehouse positioning, plant capacity, modes of transport, and optimal inventory targets.
C&G uses customized mathematical models and GIS platforms to perform Strategic Network Optimization analysis - a critical preliminary step that determines the supply chain landscape considers all of the complex costs and constraints that drive your network design and enables you to optimize your supply chain network.
The model taking into consideration factors that influence on your supply chain network and include all costs such as transportation, taxes, regulatory constraints, commercial conditions (volume discount, for example), geography, funding, manufacturing capacity,  operating, sourcing, storage, and labor in order to optimize the network.
C&Gs unique Strategic Network Optimization model offers you an important strategic tool for dramatically improving your business performance. In addition this is frequently used either as a strategic supporting decision tool while negotiating with significant supplier or while evaluating the potentials and opportunities of M&A.
Implementing the model reduces the overall supply cost, brings to an average decrease of the total product costs, and to a substantial reduction in losses; these impacts eventually generates a significant improvement in working capital and improves the EBITDA significantly.

C&G successfully developed and implement SNO (Strategic Network Optimization) tool to the petroleum downstream industry, read more 


watch Guy Farhi, C&G's CEO, presents

Oracle SNO summary

(Hebrew accompanied by english presentation),

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