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Companies often find that outsourcing essential services to specialized companies throughout the supply chain makes the best business sense.
C&G provides a total solution for clients that need to outsource services, including conducting tenders, choosing suppliers and integrating them into the supply chain. In addition, C&G audits the activities of these suppliers to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum costs.
C&G has successfully employed its unique methodologies in helping clients outsource services in a wide variety of areas, including international forwarding, logistics, distribution, courier services, transportation, and specially tailored services.
Here's how C&G can help you with your outsourcing needs:
Total solution for outsourcing
  • Formulating outsourcing strategy
  • Conducting profitability study
  • Locating suppliers
  • Writing tenders
  • Defining Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Supporting client through implementation process
  • Improving performance of outsourced services
  • Examining level of service and costs
  • Creating work plan to upgrade performance
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