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As you know, a smoothly working supply chain can deteriorate over time. Localized fixes to specific problems dont provide the results you need. As time passes, key metrics begin to fall below that of more efficient competitors.

C&G has developed a comprehensive framework for rapidly assessing organization supply chain integration to discover problems and identify opportunities. This proven tool offers C&G clients an extremely rich and actionable assessment of opportunities for streamlining their supply chain, in a significantly shorter timeframe than traditional consulting methodologies.

The Quick Scan may be applied to a division/business unit or the entire corporation. It can cover a subset of organization supply chain integration processes or the full spectrum of your supply chain.

Quick Scan offers the following deliverables:

  • Analyzing the existing performance of the supply chain (processes, infrastructures, IT, cost structure, performance measurements, service level act` )
  • Identification of key information flow, process integration and material flow issues, their impact on supply chain metrics and their root causes
  • Identification of specific improvement opportunities, their potential impact on the business and their ease of execution
  • A prioritized solution "roadmap" to capitalize on these opportunities

Chen Elkabetz, C&G's CEO, presents supply chain check up.

(Hebrew accompanied with english presentation), 

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